Pro Wrestling

At some point you’ve experienced someone quietly muttering phrases like “there’s ketchup under the ring” and “phony wrestlers”. And yet, sports-entertainment has endured.

Complex and compelling storylines, incredible athleticism, and a stage design and light-rigging that could rival any rock concert are among the things that pro wrestling has to offer. And with all of the entertainment options today, you can count those in attendance at pro wrestling events as some of the most devoted.

Over the past few decades the popularity of the sport has grown to staggering proportions and crossed into the mainstream.

The beginnings of wrestling are similar to that of football. It started out as independent promotions who then gathered and shared talent to access a wider audience. And both wrestling and football didn’t start out as popular as it is today.

Sports-entertainment helped to make television broadcasts what they are today. Starting out as content providers, the sport now offers exclusive content on it’s very own network. It is now more accessible than ever before.

There are those who say that the online streaming of content simply won’t work.

It is difficult to say where sports-entertainment will end up. However, on the current landscape it seems to offer something for everyone and it has bridged the gap between the current roster of stars, music, movies, and just about anything else you can think of.

Pro wrestling has always been realistic about what it offers.

Are you?

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