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What is wrong with the Cleveland Browns?

The most popular answer to that used to be the fans. From the perspective of those watching the games I can only point to one area of concern, and that is winning. Across the sports world I think it’s fair to say that no one likes to watch their favorite club lose. Cleveland football fans have long sensed that the rest of the league looks at them with sorrow. The mourning of a by-gone era which saw some of the greatest players ever has polarized the opinions expressed by those who still care. Which brings me to a question that every sports fan should ask- is winning everything?

Arguably much of the sports world looks at the consistent winners with disdain and I ask why?

Is it because they have a top-tier stadium complete with new scoreboards, or top level management that is concerned with winning first? Or is it because they have updated jerseys and helmets?

A tweet sent out by the producer of The Psyched and Mic’d Show entertained the idea of a very popular wide out playing for the orange and brown in 2015. Upon reading the tweet I tried hard to think of any big-play free agent wide receiver the Browns have signed since returning to the league in ’99. And I can’t name one. Historically, dating back to the days of playoff football in Cleveland, the Browns were always just good enough to get there but had never made the move that would put them over the top. And sadly that issue still exists today. The current Browns coach has spoken consistently of “driving competition” at every position. Could you imagine coach Walsh saying the same thing about the wide receivers on the 49ers when he had a guy like Jerry Rice on the team? There would simply be no competition.

I maintain that until the fans stop attending and accepting mediocre (at best) football, the front-office will have no reason to change the business model. With the NFL facing scrutiny from fans across the league like never before you would think they (NFL executives) would take a second look as to what could help sustain a great business model now but could possibly be in decline. Here in Cleveland you have a fan base starved for a winner and a fan base that doesn’t seem to care about off the field issues that I, and many others, have expressed with concern. Cleveland is an opportunity. An opportunity exists to take the Cleveland fan base into a football renaissance. Simply put, the ownership has to want success just as much as the fans, and while the business acumen is there I don’t think that necessarily makes you an expert on the game of football.

In closing, the ownership should stick to what they know and let the fans do what they do best.

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